Ep 309 Character Matters: An Interview with Dr. Christian Miller

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So, in a way, the whole trip was about this interview. We knew we wanted go on the road, and had a few people we wanted to talk to, and on top of the list of people we wanted to talk to was the author of one of our favorite recent books: The Character Gap. Dr. Miller teaches at Wake Forest University (which, despite being the alma mater of that dastardly basketball villain Chris Paul, we thought was pretty cool) and has such an interesting take on virtue, character, and the role of faith in ethics we wanted to sit down with him and pick his brain. We were not disappointed- Professor Miller is clear and precise, thoughtful and curious. This certainly comes through in person and in his writing, we hope you find these traits in him in our brief discussion.

You can check out Christian Miller HERE. His bibliography is remarkable and filled with both scholarly and popular articles.

Daniel van Voorhis