Episode 308 A Conversation with the Reverend Dr. Victor Singingeagle


Seriously, he is a reverend and a doctor (with 2 PhDs) and a generally cool guy we first ran across when we checked out the work on Selma from our pals the Klembara’s and Blake Flattely. The Rev. Dr was a professor at the only Historically Black College (HBC) in the Lutheran church, which was abruptly closed after nearly a century in existence. As we were traveling through the South and looking for conversations with people who might break the mold, we knew that Fr. Singingeagle would be ideal. As we found on the trip, rarely do people meet expectations or fit the standard binaries we are accustomed to, and this especially in religious circles where denominations and confessions rarely fit very tightly conscripted views.

We could talk about intersectionality, and how Fr. Singineagle represents a distinct cross section of America. And we do, but in a broad context that reflects changes in years, and dominant faith systems and governments. From the 15th c. to the New Anthropology, to living in the South and growing up as a distinct “other”, you will want to check out this fascinating conversation.

Daniel van Voorhis