Ep. 248 Travel is Fatal

Want to buy a used droid?

Want to buy a used droid?

On this episode you get double the virtue and very little wasteland. You see, Jeff (the virtue ethicist) is flying solo while his wasteland-y pal stayed in California. But you don't get one guest in his place, but on this Labor Day, on which we celebrate mattress sales and Toyotathons, we give you TWICE the guests. And they may have lived the lives of a dozen people between the two of them.

On a recent trip to Colorado Jeff and his wife, Stacie met Christian and Chelsea Tuttle, outside their home (a Cold-War era six wheel drive: a 1982 Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 712W) to discuss the ways in which this young couple has sought adventure, met new people, and lived life deliberately.

(The cold open uses ear buds; don't worry, the audio get's better after the opening music.)

They discuss the importance of travel, the ways in which people have been surprisingly decent along the road, and how one might choose the best vehicle for a roving lifestyle. (There are short reviews of a few types of modified vehicles)

Check out their blog site:




Chelsea's a professional photographer, whose website is here:




Some of their friends:




The Facebook page Jeff mentions at the start of the show.




We mention Mauricio and Abigail Parra, whose site is here:




Also, real fast, have you bought these books yet? You should. People are anywhere from enthusiastic to bemused and lukewarm.  So, they're not as good as some, but better than others! 

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Daniel van Voorhis