Ep 251 Theologians and the Nazis with Dr Ryan Tafilowski


During the rise of the Third Reich, some theologians were theologians of the cross, and opposed Hitler and the Nazis. Others cooperated, allowing the church to open the door to a hostile takeover by a sort of wicked theology of glory, in which humility, love, grace and forgiveness were replaced by a spirit of nationalism, power and triumphalism. It's not all as simple as we might think, and Tafilowski helps us sort through the meaning of it all. But it is an important investigation. 

Tafilowski recently earned his PhD from the University of Edinburgh on this subject, and Jeff got the chance to interview him during a trip to Colorado.

Dan does the cold open, but you'll hear that he's been going through some difficulties, struggling with the monster of depression he describes in his book. He'll be back with us next week in person, but in the mean time, keep him and his family in your prayers, and check out the video that sheds light on the poignant struggle people have with moments of darkness.

Jeff Mallinson