Ep. 249 The American Dream and Pyramid Schemes

Ok Bruce, we know, you are all about the guys out of work, on the darkness on the edge of town or in the Badlands.  But, the idea still makes us pause.  What is the American dream? This is harder to discern than we may think.  But how is it both a dream and a catastrophe? Well... empty promises, unchecked greed, and exploitation.  And the kind that victims tend to run towards... what?! Yeah. Check it out.

Jeff and I watched a documentary recently that upset us a good bit, and we both independently saw parallels between pyramid schemes and religion.  Both only work if they can expose their enemies, shelter its members from outside news, and insistence that if people are persecuting you, you are probably doing ok.  Except for the small fact that you are morally dubious, nay, more likely sinister.


But... another caveat, with a show that has plenty, we don't want to criticize all Multi level marketing companies or all people that do find fulfillment in selling directly. 


But... c'mon. If nothing else, it can be bothersome.  On the show we discussed these books and the movie for which we have posted the preview and netflix link below.


Daniel van Voorhis