Episode 244 Our Fractured Culture

Everything is broken. And nobody can talk with one another. And political issues tear well meaning people apart. And theory and ideology has killed any sense of true and false and instead helpful or pleasurable becomes the benchmark for success. And, well... there's got to be a way forward in our fractured society, from health to politics and religion.

Do you know how many dang links we have this week? As I was waiting to compile them, I (Dan) cracked my elbow and inflamed a bursa sac. Does that sound interesting, fun or relevant? Well, smarty beans, if you are looking for links right at 5ish on Monday you might have to wait. See? My cracked elbow does effect you.  

Here is that video about shapes and narratives from Austria in 1940. It is rad.

Here is a video on confirmation bias from the Big Think

Daniel van Voorhis