Ep. 239 Voters, Investors and the Media with Uwe Siemon-Netto and Kurt Winrich


Uwe is serious. Kurt is serious. We are extra serious.  Want to know why? Seriously. You have no idea. Look at that picture? Our guests look friendly enough. But we ARE SERIOUS. Why? 

We aren't that serious. I just think that picture is funny. it screams: WE ARE TOUGH PODCASTERS! 

Enough of that business. It's a 4th of July special! And we celebrate it by interviewing a German while in France, how American!  But our topic involves the Kansas City milkman, an example as American as... Kansas City (both of them!). If you walk away with the idea expressed in the story about the Kansas City Milkman planted in your head (I've tried to plant it in my own) this show is worth your time.

Not only do we talk with our friend Uwe (check out his other shows here:  On Refugees , On Isis and Vietnam , Horse Poop and More!)

We discuss the vocation of a newspaper columnist, consumers of news and citizens, and the nature of "getting to the bottom of things" in any job (Kurt steps in here and offers good advice for information gathering in his field and others) . 

Daniel van Voorhis