Episode 242 Burning Questions Summer 2017

Sometimes the inbox fills up. Sometimes the texts and Facebook messages are bursting with wonderful messages read, but to which we have not yet responded. Enter this show.

We knock big questions down to size and answer them with a grace and aplomb not seen since the tandem figure skating duel for the Gold medal at Grenoble '68.  We make light of trivial matters with the winsomeness and puckish charm of Maynard and Johannsen's "Big Laughs at Even Bigger Maypoles" from the film of the same name. This is no hyperbole, this is....

Well, it's just the show. Better than some, not as good as most. What we lack in talent we make up for in sheer banality.  I'm kidding. really. Self deprecation is s useful social tool. But sometimes we need to not trip on ourselves to accommodate everyone.  And this is not a noble stand for the truth (we would stand for truth, of course, it is just that there isn't always a clear cut answer to tricky questions).  Check out these links.  Email us. Facebook us (that's not a verb). And enjoy the show.

Jeff killing it in an article he wrote a year ago, published now and useful for thinking through all sorts of things, maybe relevant for certain disputes.  HERE. Enjoy.

Also, at the end of this show we play a song you should all listen to. Even with a preposition at the end of the sentence...

Daniel van Voorhis