Episode 241: Will the Real Martin Luther Please Stand Up? With Uwe Siemon-Netto and Scott Keith


Medieval Catholic? Founder of a new religion? Creator of the modern world? Anti-semite? Crude puppet of the state? Political misfit and revolutionary? The quintessential conservative? Ask a Luther scholar and they are likely to give you at least one of these....


On today's episode we welcome back everyones favorite avuncular retired journalist, Uwe Siemon-Netto.  But it is more appropriate to say that he welcomed us as this is the second of two episodes recorded in the French countryside at his summer home.  But wait! There's more! Not only do we have Uwe, but also, Dr. Scott Keith! Huzzah! A full house and a topic all over the news. As we are in the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, plenty of outlets are talking about Luther for perhaps the first time as he is being reintroduced on a world stage for this momentous anniversary. And so, the interpretations are legion... 

Scott Keith, of the Thinking Fellows and 1517 The Legacy Project, did his doctoral work on Luther's pal Melanchthon and we are always keen to have him on the pod.... enjoy the show, and look here and there for links and videos for this show and in the archives!

We would, of course, endorse any of Uwe's books and we have talked at length with him about his book on his time at Vietnam.  I, Dan, am particularly fond of Uwe's German language autobiography. But, his work under Peter Berger (R.I.P.) is perhaps his most influential on a broad field of scholarship.  When I was studying in Wittenberg in 2004 and a "many faces of Luther" exhibit opened, I saw this book and bought it without yet having even heard of the good Dr. Here is one link. And it is the only link you need. And, if you dig Luther or hate Luther, or are confused by Luther. Check it out

Daniel van Voorhis