Episode 240: Heresy!


All good ideas are born out of controversy. All philosophy is born of poor the thinking. All theology comes from heresy.  So.... that makes the latter thing good? No. Don't be dumb, of course not. But... 

So, it's kind of a long-ish episode. A few things that so engaged or annoyed us that we couldn't help talk about them.  They include:

Dan trying to fly from North Carolina back to Orange County

More on Jeff's book... copyrights... 

Dan with his friends (and others!) at Higher Things 



A call towards a more generous orthodoxy....

It's all there, plus:  stories, Dan responding to the cities in Mexico that Jeff names as "sounding delicious", and a song at the break by the Rolling Stones. Dig that first, and then some links to things we talked about, if you want to dig a little bit deeper.  If you want to discuss the issues further, throw us a word and it might make it onto a later episode wherein we clarify points left un. 


Daniel van Voorhis