A Baseball Mom, Trump, Jesus and Reefer Madness Ep. 234


Oh Boy! Cognitive dissonance?

Well, the cannabis links are coming. But, we talked a good bit about depression. Check out these articles: A general primer on Depression and Ten Scientific Reasons You Might Be Depressed. Here is an article arguing against the use of anti-depressants. This is a rad article about the debate over anti-depressants 

And, about the cannabis:

The New York Times is for decriminalization: HERE    

And the Washington Times says, "No Way"

That's how exciting that argument goes.  But what about the AG, Jeff Sessions? Read it and... well, you do what you will...

So, this website is obviously for decriminalization. And, South Park isn't the font of all good arguments, but... I'll just put this here 


Daniel van Voorhis