Episode 238: Live from the Crosswise Institute: from Cyber Arms to Animal Morphing

Happy Days wasn't live. but it was "recorded live before a studio audience".  That was fine, but I think they piped some of the "oohs" and "aahs" when Fonzi came on stage.  You know what I bet they didn't pipe music in for? Tom Bosley's entrance and round of applause. That dude was awesome.  Even better? Hanging out before a live studio audience recording our podcast and doing some Q&A with the students.  We played a game pitting me (Dan) against a high schooler in a quiz.

Later in the show a student asks, well within the context of the conversation, what animals we would be if in fact, crossbreeding or animal appendages could be grafted onto humans. For reals! Check out the BBC dropping some human-animal hybrid knowledge. I know, it sounds strange.  But, have you heard Joel Oesch (Prof. of Theology at Concordia University, and director of the Crosswise Institute) on the show before? Including one show he sat in on with a different guest, Joel has tied the Koenig record for most shows. 5. It's jacket time! You haven't heard them? You want to hear them again? Here:

Episode 3B- Social Networks and Theology Our 3rd, or 5th episode, because of B sides, an old idea we let die out when it seemed untenable, but still, it puts us at almost 250 episodes

Transhumanism -I, Dan, really dug this show. The page has links and videos!

Sex and Robots -we got a lot of email about this one. Mostly inquisitive or puzzled, a few very happy, and one memorable angry email.  We should state that the angry email led to a very fruitful discussion.  No internet fighting around these parts!

The links keep rolling...

You know Snopes? It's a site that helps to debunk, or verify, various rumors, whispers and urban legends. They wrote this helpful piece on recent human-hybrid news. However, they included this picture:

Dang. This isn't real but still... is it creepier than the picture of Tom Bosley above? It's a toss up.

Dang. This isn't real but still... is it creepier than the picture of Tom Bosley above? It's a toss up.




Yup. That's Tom Bosley. He was Father Dowling. But more importantly he was Richie Cunningham's Dad as well as a dude that let Fonzie, a creepy old guy hanging out with high school girls, live in the garage.  Almost every time he made his entrance for the first time, the live studio audience would go nuts. I don't know why that sticks out so much.  I once saw the show "Coach" being recorded before a studio audience.  That was the show with Craig T. Nelson, the other Van Dyke, and Christine Fabares.  it wasn't particularly good but they gave out free tickets. 

For this show we really liked having the young adults present.  Most audiences give us some things to work with, but these kids were phenomenal.  For all the talk of the "problem with millennials" we here at ViW don't buy it.  Every generation is derided by the older folks.  It's cool. Let's try to let the kids be when we get older, eh?


The video below is really just because it makes me laugh.  Fonzie is one of the strangest, coolest and most iconic and creepy 


We talked to these high schoolers about the different things they might pursue after graduating.  A theme we discussed on this recent show


Dan also read from his book. Go here to buy it! Or, to review it if you like it! 

Daniel van Voorhis