Ep. 237: A Mad World: from Bosch to Echo Chambers and Evergreen State College

The world got you down? Freaked out? Nothing new under the sun. First half: a discussion of Jeff's experience traveling to Madrid to view Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" and other pieces. What was he saying with this bizarre work? Second half: a discussion of how echo chambers cause us to beat down people of principle. The example we primarily use is the case of leftist hysteria at Evergreen State College, but it can apply to most other groups that get into their own loops without generously listening to others in the world.

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This is Bosch's triptych when closed.  Click for some awesome interactive pics. 




Look at this! Or keep scrolling down! (Same picture, just depends what kind of internet speed you have)


We really dig the Khan Academy- check out their article on Bosch HERE and poke around on their site for some great videos and articles.

You can also check out the book Jeff recently got on Bosch as well as a calendar ready for January (click on pictures below)

Also, see the clips below for a little more on our musical selection for the show


(on the left) Albrecht Dürer, Melancholia (1514)

(above) Lucas Cranach the Elder, The Stag Hunt with Elector Friedrich the Wise (1529)

(right) Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Fight between Carnival and Lent (1559)


Daniel van Voorhis