Ep 236: The Sacred and Profane with Blake Flattley

Sacred and Profane? Profane? As I was telling my wife about this week's show, she thought profane was the wrong word. Profane, like profanity? Yes. And Sacred like... Sac...of Rome? keep reading below...

The Sacred and Profane as descriptors of particular things has a long history.  It's what we historians call "the Olden Days" (sometimes the irregular Old-Timey Days is used). So in these times, presumably just after the dinosaurs (Bible Times?), the term "profane" was not seen as a bad thing. Essentially it just meant: not sacred. This, of course its one of the primary battles in society, and largely in the church. But if profane wasn't a bad thing then, and meant the same as the profane today, but now as a pejorative, what happens to "good" profane things See where this goes...

I was going to write a long explanation of this, but you get it Right? Check out these links!


Blake has really great looking merchandise.  Even if you hate his music, you'll love his shirts,  mugs, kids tees and more...

And, wait...wait... the dude has helped to make 7 winter holiday albums. Wait. 9 There's another comp and his very own live Christmas album. I will not lose my title as the king of Christmas cheer, but Blake might aiming to be a modern Mel Torme. 

Alright, if you want to know what he is up to, where to get new stuff, and see when he is in your area check out his social media sites. Because he's a millennial. Damn millennial with their facetweets. But, here they are, nonetheless.

Facebook!     Twitter!      Instagram!       Tinder!  (just kidding he is married and has two children)

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Daniel van Voorhis