Ep. 230: Divorce and its Effects

Well, here's to optimism!

Well, here's to optimism!


“Hey guys, can you… well, lighten up a little?” Why don't you scroll to the bottom of the show page if you're falling into despair. In the meantime...


We know….it is an intense run of shows, and nobody can claim that we have gone light and casual.  But while we were on the topic of marriage and divorce we wanted to have this show to discuss the show last week, and give you an interview that covers divorce and children from the perspective of a child of divorce.  Sydnie (spelling it with an "ie" is the preferred spelling of our most discerning of fans), who happens to be young Auggie’s girlfriend too, has a few takes the are very thoughtful and were a bit surprising.

Don’t worry, it’s not completely dark! I mean, this one is kind of somber. But, remember, while we go deep into our own personal Dagobah’s with these past shows, the reason we can do them and not go completely crazy is to know, despite the garbage and sorrow and pain that everything is going to be ok.

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Here you go:


The Three Dangers Of Divorce

The Divorce Delusion

7 Things Resilient People Always Do After Heartbreak

11 Reasons Divorce Is Better Than Staying In A Bad Marriage

Jeff posted this on his Twitter feed (@wayfarerjeff and @viwpod)- pertinent for a lot of our recent shows- Intimacy and Science and stuff...


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This list of clips took awhile to pick. Norm MacDonald on Weekend Update might be the best. Also, anything Louis CK does is brilliant. He is not someone you might listen to with children or the faint of heart around, for instance he starts his most recent show, 2017 with talking about abortion. It is rough and brilliant and hilarious. On bad words, divorce and modern technology are some great scenes to check out.

Daniel van Voorhis