Episode 232 Virtue Means Humanliness (Trump and Aristotle)

Holy cats, you're going to go out into this mess again? Trump is off limits, yes? Are we suffering from Trump overload in the media? Haven't you guys made fools of yourselves by talking about Trump? Yes to all of them! But this isn't your normal show lambasting or spoofing the president.  It is (hopefully) a sober approach to what might really matter with our current president.  What are the virtues and vices according to foundational ethical principles laid out by Aristotle? Can we see, using public information and actions, how Trump measures up? Why is this so important to do? Instead of focusing on political biases and the 24 hour news cycle we want to look at this polarizing figure and how he measures up to a often used  and over 2000 year old rubric 

Daniel van Voorhis