Ep. 231 The 4th Annual Graduation Special!

Technically its the 3rd if we don't count the first one. There was just one back to school special- so we are hijacking it here as an unofficial Graduation Special. Got it? Rad. So what is this show all about?

We have spent almost half of our lives in colleges. College has changed our lives. We love college. You might too! Or maybe you don't and that is ok, too. College can be a waste of money and time. For reals! Check out this article: You should not go to college!

Also: You should go to college!

So, we are back where we started. Should you go to college? I don't know. Maybe?  Check out this episode and chew on some of our ideas. Shoot us feedback on here, or Facebook, or Twitter. 

Also, we promised an easy link to listen to the first unofficial first "graduation special" and the first two official graduation specials. Here:

Back to School Special ViW #8 (this was a back to school special but is really a graduation special in the tradition that started here) 

Grad special 1 ViW #43

Grad Special 2  ViW #122


AND, if you anywhere near social media, you may know that Dan's book was just given a soft release. We will give you more news on the official launch, tour, and Jeff's Book Sexy: The Quest For Erotic Virtue in Perplexing Times as we get information.  In the mean time, why not buy this (click on the picture) and consider reviewing it, even if super brief, on Amazon. 




Also, we promised you a lot of links! Here they are! 

We had a list of ideas, maybe instead of college you could look around these websites:

1. Uncollege.org (gap year program)

2. Altyear.org (Josh Graber… neo-monastic more spiritual vocational discernment)

3. Josh Keith: Grundtwigian northhouse.org

4. Check the scene on internships with wayup.com

5. Backpack responsibly. Maybe gobackpacking.com

6. Freelance. Freelancer.com 

7. PRAXIS http://discoverpraxis.com (from Charles Pustejovsky)

8. Try working one or both sides of Help a Reporter Out https://www.helpareporter.com <%22>

9. Never stop LEARNING: https://www.khanacademy.org

10.  Get connected to an LFM chapter themasks.org

11. Stay active on indeed.com to keep an eye on employment trends. If you see something you dig, then learn what qualifications you’ll need: then proceed with a sense of purpose and don’t waste your time.

12. You are free to screw around in college too: it’s one of the only times in life you get to explore knowledge for knowledge sake, just be aware that that is what you might be doing.


I (Dan) told you some story about the IQ test and employment. Check this out:

"It is legal (at least based on the guidelines provided by the US Department of Labor: http://www.onetcenter.org/dl_files/empTestAsse.pdf) to give people all kinds of tests as long as (a) they do not select against certain protected traditionally disadvantaged classes more than it does for the average applicant or (b) if it does, there is a demonstrable link between the test and ability to perform job functions (so, for instance, a test of strength in a job that involves lots of lifting may select against women, but if strength is highly correlated with job performance, that is OK)."

I was thinking of Griggs v. Duke Power company.  And similar smaller statutes that dealt with this in lower courts (dating back to the Reconstruction era).  Essentially, employers cannot use any means that might discriminate against a group of people. Even if it is not intended to, certain examinations are based on social norms that minorities often do not share.  A test can't be given to possible employees unless the testing content and job duties are directly related. There were a number of these tests at the turn of the 20th century and then again during the Civil Rights era.







Daniel van Voorhis