Episode 224- Going Dutch, Hardcore Calvinism, and The Spanish Inquisition



Wow. The picture looks demeaning to the poor dutch.  And John Cleese as a Spaniard? Sorry. And we point out that the Dutch go cheap on dates (as the colloquial phrase has taught us).  I'm sorry.  An I mean "I'm".  You see, this is Dan. I do the write ups for the shows every week and picking on the dutch is not what I care to do on a podcast that goes across the globe (Hi New Zealand, China and Croatia!).  Check out my last name (and the lower case v, as it is a preposition making the proper way to alphabetize according to the VO). I'm one of those clogging, curiously on the continent but seems like we should be next to Sweden, windmill loving dutchmen.  What else is shocking, and I mean SHOCKING on this week's show? See below.  Also below, a special bonus playlist for you all.


Well, we play a little Sam Cooke, talk about footwear, talk about the books and do some smart talkin' about the Reformation outside of Germany.  This is, off course, part of our series on the Reformation outside of Germany.  It also marks the end of the series.  So we want to wrap things up and talk about the social and political impact these reformations, and the movement on the whole contributed to who we are today.

Enjoy the Show!


We recommend a lot of books on our pages these days.  The ones we pick are most assuredly academic and informed, but also anywhere from beautiful prose or readable. Check them out.  The first book kinda works for all the shows on the Reformation here, and when we did our last bit about the year 1517.

I get asked a lot about Yo La Tengo and Pavement. These are my favorite bands, and here is a fun introduction to each with some rangy tracks. Enjoy!

Daniel van Voorhis