Ep. 227 No Excuses Needed: SNL, Hieronymus Bosch, and More!

I'm not sorry for some things.  I know I told you to listen to the last Bon Iver album.  

You may have hated it. You may have thought it was just noise.

That's cool, I should have made caveats. I'm sorry if the album disappointed you.


But I am not sorry about recommending "Saving Silverman" or "In Bruges".  These movies are verifiably funny. Seriously. Like scientifically verified. You can watch them at the snap of a finger and you have still not seen it. Or worse yet, you get angry at me and I need to make up excuses.  Shine that.  These things do not need apologies or excuses.  Today's show is about more of those things.  The things that are always available and we might take for granted, write off, or ignore.  

Jeff puts a cap on his thoughts about Father John Misty from two weeks ago.  And then we talk about what we think we have, and some in our culture may have, overlooked.  We need to unabashedly revel in these entertainments and resources to the degree the things have benefited social welfare or increased the benefits of play.

I probably promised something about a link. Dang. I can't remember, so email me and remind me. Heck, text me at 949-331-5202.

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Daniel van Voorhis