Episode 226 Robot Salad and the Importance of Virtue for the Coming Age

Salad Robots! 80's Sitcoms! The adorable Jamie Lawson! 


You remember Vicky (or V.I.C.I Voice Input Child Identicant), yes? For those of us in the awkward late thirties (that's a thing, right?) we had our first brush with artificial intelligence when we met Ted Lawson's invention that he brought home to his wife, Joan, and pesky son, Jamie.  They try passing her off as a real girl and hijinks ensue!

But seriously,

about this robot that makes salad, it wasn't an if but a when for us to do a show on this.  Seminal. Revolutionary. Or, proof that we are getting lazier and stupider such that we can't make our own damn salads. Maybe something in between. Sometimes, we have fixated on all of the sex robots that seemingly have become second to only cars in exports from Japan to America.  But physical and emotional gratification is only a sliver of what the tech industry is bringing 

But what ethical or cultural assumptions do we make when we think about the practical and financial implications for what these robots could do? Dr. Joel Oesch has joined us before (here! and here!) and he has proven to be a jovial, level headed and information laden guest. Hear what he has to say about Tony Romo, Salad Robots, and more!

The Rise of the Robots!

Artificial Intelligence is racist?

Robots: "all your jobz are belong to us"


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