Ep 225: Pure Comedy



You either know, or you don't know.  Perhaps, you downloaded this show thinking, finally a show that is pure comedy.  No bummers or hackneyed jokes. Pure Comedy.  Or, you thought, finally a show that is pure comedy.  No cussing or inappropriate jokes.  This show has nothing to do with comedy or purity.  It's a show about some ideas a guy has, and how he has delivered those to us.

It's a show about Father John Misty, his new album "Pure Comedy" but more importantly it is a show about music, sincerity, preening, the end of the world, Zižek, chimps and a host of other things that got us thinking and talking about life and meaning and music.  If you dig the album, you might dig this.  If you don't dig the album, we play it broad enough to play with ideas more than the sounds.

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Here's the video about the leopard and the baby.



See some of the reviews (From A+ to D)

Spin Magazine gave it a D (see here) and wrote: "He’s not really in a fun mood, and the music follows"

Pitchfork wrote: "Father John Misty’s music is certainly exasperating, but it’s not due to his entitlement so much as that irrepressible impulse to outpace the listener’s criticism. The moment somebody says, “I know I’m being annoying” is often when you realize it’s true."

Rolling Stone was positive and wrote: "What makes this more than glib is a golden-era songwriting craft evidently shaped by Tillman's tenure with Fleet Foxes, and his unsparing self-examination"

The Guardian wrote: It’s also hard to think of anyone who has done it with better tunes: a great deal of the album’s power comes from the way the bleakness of the lyrics is offset by the lusciousness of the melodies and the comforting familiarity of the sound, with its acoustic guitars and beautifully subtle orchestrations. There’s something hugely impressive about coming up with an album that somehow manages to be both incredibly discomfiting and easy to listen to.

Daniel van Voorhis