Episode 220 Evil Revisited- Looking Back at Episode 1

Yeah, we talk about Scien****** on this show, perhaps.  Allegedly, Jeff has just finished an article on the subject and we discuss it in light of our recent talk about our first episode.   We may look at characteristics of institutional evil in light of... well a tv show and book/documentary. All of this is only merely possible and may or may not be true and may or may not represent the thoughts of the authors, fans, contributors, hosts, or board of directors. How is this, lawyers? Yeah! We are untouchable!

Recently, a new show on Scien******, from Zach Morris' girlfriend from Malibu Sands (who disappeared after those Summer episodes and Zach was reunited with Kelly, who was remarkably cool with him dating this former Scientologist) has premiered giving the anti-Scien****** discussion fresh legs.  We talk about what we liked, and what I hated about the first episode.  We both defend ourselves and apologize.  In light of our recent shows on power, questioning authority and institutional corruption this episode lets us put a finer point on what distresses us both in modern society.  Have you seen this documentary yet? Or read the book

We also discuss the more existential nature of evil.  It's kind of a bummer. Have you listened to any super depressing music lately? Of course. Here is a playlist.  Remember to take your Prozac. If that's your thing.  

Daniel van Voorhis