Ep. 222 The English Reformation: Henry VIII, Bloody Mary and the Middle Way

Beheadings, affairs, illegitimate children, lack of children, fighting the Spanish and marrying into the Spanish Royal line.  Pro-Catholic, Pro-Reformation.  

Dang.  Plenty of drama and surprisingly relevant.  


On today's show we discuss the next region in which we will be looking at the Reformation.  In the English speaking world we are usually aware of Henry VIII, Bloody Mary, and Elizabeth, part of the reason being the number of TV shows and movies made about them is legion. But what do their reigns have to do with the Reformation, the making of the modern world and relevance in the New World?

Check out the links below and enjoy the show!

Thomas Cranmer: A Life
By Diarmaid MacCulloch

Partrick Hamilton: there is so little work on Hamilton,  Dan went to school in St. Andrews where Hamilton taught and was burned and has looked into writing something on him.  Yet, there were very few documented accounts and primary sources.  Here are a few links to some internet sources.  Click Here and Here (this is a recreation of his trial, information, and video) 

Check out these videos on the English Reformation and the Reformation in General

Peter Marshall is from The University of St. Andrews (Dan's grad school and Alma Mater)

and Diarmaid McCulloch is from Oxford (Jeff's grad school and Alma Mater)


Daniel van Voorhis