Ep. 216 Immigration and Our Pal Joe


So. The news, huh? I was on Facebook and people were totally talking about the news, and politics and stuff. Crazy.  Apparently, there are issues with people coming to America? And the new President, the guy that sold his own steaks, and was on TV and ruined New Jersey (just kidding, it kinda sucked already) is kind of getting all crazy, I mean, peculiar and different.  Well, our old pal Joe Laughon came on this show to break down some of the jibber jabber that everyone has been shouting and emoji-ing about.

He brings the knowledge.  I bring the passion that Jeff properly calms with counter examples (though, I don't know about the Vegan one).  This show goes with last week's on power, as well as our interview with Gustavo a few weeks back.  What are we to think about the immigration crises from the perspective of government, politics, and how we personally want to act?  What kind of data is being used? What is the "Alt Right"? Is this story going to die down eventually?  Well, we talk, Joe answers, and I think it's pretty good... enjoy the show!


Click  here  for articles by Joe. And  here

Click here for articles by Joe. And here

Daniel van Voorhis