Ep. 219 Social Movements (with Special Guest Dr. Kristen Koenig!)


For reals.  In two ways.  It is on, like, "oh, yeah. Damn. This is it!"

It is also on, like, "it's here, it's on the website.  Download it. It's on here and iTunes, and Stitcher. Dr. Koenig is record holder for most guest episodes!  Why? Because she is a lot of fun and really smart.  She is like our Joan Rivers.  If Rivers was alive.  And didn't have that awful show on E! with her daughter.  We're talking Rivers on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson when she became a kind of fill in host. Whatever. You get it.

Dr. Koenig's memorable moments include a Christmas show which was also our 100th episode (curiously labeled our 76th episode! C'mon Doug. What's up?) and our episode on Crime , our episode on Freaks, and on our show with students after our trip to Selma on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's march over the Edmund Pettus bridge. 

On this, the 2 year anniversary of the show on Selma, and the 52nd anniversary of the march, we have Dr. Koenig back to discuss social movements.  In the aptly title show: Social Movements.  I had considered naming it "Social Movements, Sex, Hitler and Transgender Issues Reconsidered (with the question: Are Ghosts Real? Answered Definitively).  That would have moved traffic.  But it turns out that a talk on these movements with our most frequent guest was enough.


Daniel van Voorhis