Ep 264 Art, Money, and Life with Dr. Dan Siedell


There are few things we can't talk about with our guest, now on his 4th show, Dr. Dan Siedell.  Dr. Siedell joins us as we prepped for our Christmas show and sat down with us to discuss art, money, life and how all of these things effect us in a mercantile and transactional society.  Does that sound heavy? It isn't. Dan is one of our favorite guests and turns the conversation towards ways we can all consider the role of art and money in our daily lives (whether you think you can or not).

As usual, we talk about all sorts of things and you can find most of those things easily.  We spent time listening to Jeff Tweedy, talking about Bosch and hitting on some themes we've hit in past episodes with our favorite Art historian, critic and curator.


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Check out the Bosch painting below and click HERE for an interactive website for the painting 

Daniel van Voorhis