Ep 255 Free to Serve and Bear the Sins of Others


This is a recording of Jeff Mallinson's lecture on the implications of Luther's concept of the freedom of the Christian. He explores how we can love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable. How we can stop worrying about legalistic works to earn our standing before God: once we are freed from acts of religiosity that are no good to our neighbor, we can spill out the unconditional love of God for others. Freed from worrying about looking bad by being associated with sinners, we can serve those sinners and bear the burden of their sin. Also, there are those among us who aren't especially bad but need our help. By turning away from a transactional approach to love, the gospel frees us to consider ethics beyond the issue of rights and move toward a spirit of gift giving. Resources for this include:

Luther's Freedom of the Christian

Kazoh Kitamori, Theology of the Pain of God 

Jeff would like to apologize for both seeming to make himself the hero of his own story and not clearly concluding his point, but hopefully there are some inspiring themes that you can apply. The main point is that instead of treating people how they deserve, we are free to treat others like God treats us. Jeff was trying to explain that this has brought him great joy, not that he is a super good dude! 

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Jeff Mallinson