Episode 214 Say Goodbye Forever: Ten Things That Will Be Gone In Ten Years

BREAKING! JEFF RETRACTS EVERYTHING HE SAID ABOUT HELIUM (he is however, still convinced that phosphorus is running out and we're all going to die)

I ate 8 of these.  8. in about a half hour.

I ate 8 of these.  8. in about a half hour.

It all erased.  Seriously.  AGAIN.  I can't tell you how good the copy was for this description of the show.  It exhausted me.  It was rich and full of character.  it was a mix of Dostoyevsky and Fitzgerald.  I cried while writing it and then had a reinvigorated passion for life. 

No.  it was just me telling you about how Jeff has been sick and how I ate an entire box of Starbucks cranberry bliss bars.  


While we have been talking a lot about saying goodbye (Sloughing off and Letting Go of 2016, Saying Goodbye and the New Economy, When to Walk Away) this show is about things that we will still have for a little while longer.  Only about ten years.  Because we have deigned things like circus bears, the pope and football ultimately headed to history's dustbin of bad ideas.  You think that is too far? Do you remember Hi5? What about Webkinz? How about Arcade Fire being interesting? That was 2007. Ten years ago.

Alright, its a countdown show.  And towards the end we drop three rather large predictions and we might get a little apocalyptic about things dear to you, we'd love you to hear your responses.  Alright, we talked about this stuff. And, always, check back in as we add to it


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The Fire Sermon from T.S. Eliot

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