Ep: 67 Mailing it In

This week we are posting a show that we recorded on the road.  We thought of it as us "phoning it in" (as we are on a hand held mic while sitting in Los Angeles traffic), or "mailing it in" (an old time saying for giving it less than your best).  We don't give you less than our best, however, as we run down a list of celebrities, other luminaries, and institutions (even a city) that have been 'mailing it in' after initial success.  We go after those that you might guess (how can you not condemn the last decade of DeNiro's career), and ultimately tie it into how we might think about those times when our jobs have us down and we feel like giving it less than our best.  (Speaking of 'less than our best', the audio isn't great as we weren't in the studio, but it came out better than we thought).