Ep: 66b Furniture Zen with Tucker Kaas

Since we began the show, we have had a running designation of "b sides".  This is on account of the fact that Jeff and Dan tend to find deep cuts on albums to be their favorites (not to be contrarian, it's just that the deeper cuts tend to run longer and have a greater payoff).  So, our b-sides, are longer conversations with folks we dig.  We talk about what they do, why they do it, what they like what they like, and their story.  Everyone has one, and we try to find some of the really interesting ones.
So. The furniture show! The furniture show? Yes.  Tucker Kaas works at Kaas Tailored, a remarkable furniture company that takes the ideas of vocation, conservation, zen, and service to our neighbor in putting together the highest quality furniture (and you've probably sat in Kaas Tailored furniture before).  Without knowing it, you may have chosen to go to certain chains because of their furniture.  From Kai-Zen, to the importance of good chairs, to life management and small changes we make to create better lives for ourselves in service of others.  Enjoy the show! 
Click on the picture below to check out some of kaastailored designs

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