Ep: 65b Regimes and Genocide

On today's episode we speak with Marc Thomas Voss, author of "Preventing Auschwitz From happening Again" about the nature of tyrannical regimes and genocide.  We spend a good bit of our time discussing the holocaust and his digging into the subject (as a German, he admitted this caused an existential angst).  We move from the holocaust, to genocide (or democide) and try to dig around the question that began Marc on his historical quest: How does mankind have the ability to put men in space, but can't keep evil regimes from slaughtering the masses?  How do we think clearly about a subject that is so charged with emotion? How does Professor Voss distinguish regimes from North Korea, to ISIS to the NAZI's?  Listen in as we discuss the topic, hear from Marc's research with the Harris Poll, and discuss ways to oppose evil from our own humble stations in life.  You can track his work via https://www.facebook.com/regimesmuseum.   

If you are interested in reading more on the Holocaust, Dan highly recommends this series of books (the link is to the first volume).  Early in the show, we discuss a controversial thesis about Fukushima and fish, for another side to the argument clickhere.

And a final note about our numbering- this is 65b- a "b side" which means we offer a slightly longer form interview with a professional.  They are not "regular shows" because we tend to dig a little bit deeper.  You'll notice we have "wc" shows (Wasteland Companion: discussions about great books) as well.  This is episode 85, if you're counting at home.

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