Ep: 63 Witch Hunts

Witch hunting is an ancient, though unseemly, cultural practice.  In this show, we discuss the nature of witch hunting, the Salem witch trials, the ways in which the witch trials shaped the American legal system, and the number and nature of witch executions.  We also wonder why the husbands of the witch on Bewitched and the genie on I Dream of Geniedidn't let their wives use their powers.  We end by applying what we learned about historic witch hunts to modern witch hunts, TMZ, our lust for scandals, and our fear of outsiders.  Why are witches green?  Why do they ride broomsticks?  Was all of colonial New England ablaze with witch flesh?  We can't promise these questions will all be answered to your satisfaction, but we can promise that we will at least ask these questions before darting off in some random direction.