Ep: 62 "Don't Touch The Anointed" AKA A Show About Jerks

SO if you've come to this page, you're likely wondering whether or not this is an episode that you would enjoy listening to (remember, the show is like a magazine, pick and choose what you like, go back and re-listen, skip things that you may not like). On today's show we decided to take on authoritarian figures in culture (and primarily in the church, and primarily after the fall of this Mark Driscoll guy).
Jeff had a lot of pent up energy due to his upbringing in authoritarian churches (and his general love of anarchy).  Dan, generally less scared of authority, suggested that perhaps a (cultural, or Protestant) Pope would be helpful.
But, on a deeper level, what is the role of authority in culture and the church? Do we need self proclaimed "prophets"?  What if the "prophet" is a whistleblower? In that case, we tend to like those that go against the flow.  But what if the one who bucks against the system is in charge of the particular system?
Well, sometimes we see cultural prophets, whistleblowers, and jerks.  Maybe the hardest part is distinguishing them. Join us as we dig around a bit (and take a self administered "authoritarian personality" quiz that you can take along with us!). Enjoy the show!