Ep: 60B The Return of the B Side with the Vocation of a Civil Engineer

"It is frequently objected to relations of particular lives, that they are not distinguished by any striking or wonderful vicissitudes. The scholar who passed his life among his books, the merchant who conducted only his own affairs, the priest whose sphere of action was not extended beyond that of his duty, are considered as no proper objects of public regard, however they might have excelled in their several stations, whatever might have been their learning, integrity, and piety. But this notion arises from false measures of excellence and dignity, and must be eradicated by considering that, in the esteem of uncorrupted reason, what is of most use is of most value."- Dr. Samuel Johnson

As we are back in our semester-ly rhythm we get the opportunity to sit down in the studio from time to time with people that are quietly, fascinatingly, and often courageously doing "everyday" work.  We sat down with David Atkinson, a civil engineer whose journey, in his own words, took him "from heaven to earth".  Dave began studying for the ministry, and after a "dark night of the soul" at his second seminary, decided that a "holy" calling was not for him.  He went from dealing with things heavenly to things earthly.  Literally.  Like soil samples.  Dave has a remarkable story about a career we might think rather unremarkable on the face of it.  Full disclosure: Dave is our boss.  But we could have easily skirted around interviewing him if we didn't think there was a great story and some really good stuff to chew on regarding practical job talk, vocation, and how he ended up partially responsible for building Orange County (and keeping us all safe from dysentery!)

GuestsDaniel van Voorhis