Ep: 148 The Art of Faith with Dr. Dan Siedell

This week we started a new tradition: interviewing guests while watching their favorite team play in a championship game on a muted computer.  Every two weeks from now on we will have to find some kind of championship, or otherwise season altering game and find an educated and entertaining guest who also happens to be a fan of that team....
Ok. We probably won't do that.  BUT, when a show turns out this good, it makes us pretty confident it's the situation and not us. 
Our guest is a rabid Kansas City Royals fan, Dr Dan Siedell an Art historian, curator, critic, author and overall rad guy (check out his website HERE).  He teaches at the Kings College in New York and Knox Seminary in Florida.  He was in town speaking at local universities (including our own Concordia, Irvine) and sat down with us to take about the state of modern and post modern art.  Does listening to three gentlemen discuss art criticism while watching a muted world Series game not sound interesting? Who cares! Dr. Siedell is great (check out his most recent book HERE), we get down to "practical" issues regarding the everyday and the "consumption" of art as well as issues pertaining to faith.  Listen up, early listeners have praised this show as a favorite and we agree. Enjoy the show!