Ep: 146 The History of the Fall Pt 3

In the late 19th c. French symbolist Paul Gauguin studied theology before he left for Tahiti to paint his famous "primitive" series.  IN his studies he was asked by his instructor questions pertaining to the meaning of life.  In 1897 Gauguin used these questions to title his famous "Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Going?" (see above).  In this, the third installment of our discussion of "the history of the Fall" we ask these questions as they pertain to us today, as heirs of the western tradition that has been both spiritually and culturally vibrant as well as barren.  We told you when we started this series that things would get dark, and we find more darkness today, but be of good cheer, fellow travelers, everything is going to be ok.  You will find below the two clips we referenced- the Back to the Future parody contains a few words usually frowned upon in polite society (so don't blare it at work or with the young ones around).