Ep: 141 History of the Fall Part 1

We're still talking about the Fall as both a moral-religious and a seasonal concept.  But now we add the historical and cultural consideration.  What happens when the fabric of a cultural era gets torn apart?  What happens when civilizations fragment?  In this first part, we explore these questions by looking to moments in history when things were coming undone--when things were falling--and we investigate ways in which sages of those times learned to find peace and cultivate virtue.  In that sense, this is a core conversation for our podcast as a whole.  Virtue, we argue, is precisely what's needed when a culture finds itself unable to talk and live coherently, when it is no longer able to appeal to a universal sense of justice and purpose.  

We start with the so-called Axial Age and Taoism, then discuss virtue during the decline of Rome, Seneca and Sextus Empiricus, skepticism, the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance and Reformation.  In all of this, we are looking for wisdom from the past to help provide tools for our expedition through the current cultural wasteland.  Stick around for part 2.