Ep: 121 The Crusades

We are still talking a bit about being "on the wrong side of history", and for today's show we've decided to tackle something a little more complicated than a "good guy, bad guy" scenario (but then again, those are pretty rare).  We've decided to tackle the Crusades (those in the High Middle Ages when Christians fought Muslims and all sorts of folk were fighting with other guys that had stuff they wanted).  To help us work through this issue we have brought our good friend Dr. Adam Francisco on the show.  Adam received his D.Phil from Oxford on Christian and Muslim relations.  The guy travels everywhere, speaking on these issues, and is generally one of the most sober minded (but not milquetoast) guys speaking on the subject today.  We also talk about other fights (mostly involving ourselves, and get Adam involved in some good natured banter). Enjoy the show!