Ep: 118 The Stories We Tell

"Careful the things you say, children will listen..." On this episode we talk about the stories we tell.  The ones we tell to ourselves, to our children and to posterity.  Dan was fresh off a trip to the East Coast where he delivered a paper to the Association of Core Texts and Courses on "To Follow Our Father's Bright Example: George Washington, Cato and the American Appropriation of Roman Republican Ideals".  It's a stuffy title, but basically, it's about the curious event in 1778 when George Washington had his troops, exhausted and underfed, watch a production of Joseph Addison's play "Cato".  Having researched and thought about why the watching of a play would be so important, we decided to talk about the various stories we tell in our various communities.  We discuss Casey Abrams, Into the Woods (the quote above is from the musical), John Milbank, Postmodernism and Postliberalism among other things. Enjoy!