Ep: 105 - The Money Show: Usury and Debt


Start your week out right by thinking about the giant gulf between yourself and economic stability! Actually, that's not the point of this show.  It's also not a "how to save your money" show.  We're not even sure if we go with Ancient Indian, Greek or modern sages on the use of money to make money.
How should we think about money in the context of virtue and living in a society where debt seems almost inevitable.  Whether it is a home, car, college or credit card it seems that we are indebted to someone.  Many ancient texts forbade usury (interest?) and warned about taking on debt (or lending).  Come along with us as we run through the ancient world, the first banks and the two of us playing with nuanced ways to think about handling what little money we might have.  We are not economists, nor personal financial advisors.  Rather just a philosopher/theologian and historian using our primary fields to deal with the ethics of making and using money. We riff on characters from Aristotle to Marx to John Winthrop, the DeMedici's and some ideas we've found helpful.

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