Ep: 103 Anti-Wisdom

Years and years ago, Jeff was a fresh faced and newly minted DPhil out of Oxford teaching his first course at Concordia University.  In that same year, Dan was a fresh(er) faced and sideburn-ed college wiseacre.  Jeff spent a good amount of time in the class musing on anti-wisdom in the ancient world (especially the meaninglessness in Ecclesiastes and suffering in Job).  Dan was curious about this take on wisdom (and the turning of constructs on their heads).  Well, you know how the story ends: the two of them ended up, reunited at Concordia as colleagues, and then co-hosts of this dog and pony show.  It's surprising this show didn't happen earlier, insofar as the seemingly meaningless world and its wisdom seem to have grown more confusing in the ensuing decades.  Jeff does the heavy lifting (this is in his primary field) and Dan plays the student and interlocutor. Enjoy the show!