Ep. 102 Thinking about "The Interview" Brilliant Political Satire or Comedy Flop?

It started with a Facebook post made by Jeff.  He praised "The Interview" and proclaimed that not only was a hilarious movie, but that it was an important film.  Dan immediately fired back (having also seen it the night before) that he thought it was a disappointment.  The conversation went to text, got a little heated, and then conversation was stopped to resume organically on the podcast.  Usually a self styled sophomoric spy comedy wouldn't be high on the list of topics for ViW.  Yet, after the media and political scandal that led it to be cancelled, the studio to be rebuked by the President, and it to be released in alternative formats, the film began to take on a bigger role as part of the landscape of political satire and censorship.  On this episode (the first of 2015, and the first in our release time) we decided to take on the film, the nature of "endorsing" films, political satire and the relative significance of film as subversive art.
As usual, there is the standard amount of jib jab and storytelling, but also ways to think about consuming mass culture.  Enjoy the show!