Ep: 34 I Want to Believe (Trust No One)

Please indulge the reference to the great Duchovny struggle from 90's sci-fi television. Intellectual courage often asks us to be skeptical, while being open to anything (within reason?). Jeff and Dan sit down over coffee and discuss things they wish they could believe, and things they just can't. From the semi-conspiracy theorist Jeff, to the semi-conformist Dan, they discuss, candidly what they wish were true and what they could not believe. While some ideas are trifling, and others might suggest heresy from some groups the general premise ties into the idea of intellectual humility. 

We discuss conspiracy theories, the Melanchthon Circle, Santiago SamKombucha tea, alchemy, neoplatonism, St. Augustine's Confessions, Masonry, Airborne, occult philosophy, esoterica, the JFK assasination, Ethiopia's claim to have the Ark of the Covenant, and postmodernity.

In contrast to what they discuss on the show, at the very end, Dan makes a very bold call about the US/Canada Men's Hockey game that was to start shortly after they recorded. All Canadiens and American hockey fans are welcome to chime in here in the comments section.

As always, post your thoughts and ideas.