Ep: 31 Narcissism and Society

We move from individuals to society in our quest to understand narcissism.  Sociologists, Dr. Kristen Koenig (B.A., Occidental College, M.Sc., University of Oxford, D.Phil., University of York) joins us to make sense of it all.  This is one of our favorite conversations yet.  We find out what the "i" in "iPhone" means.  You are going to dig Dr. Koenig! Has narcissism as a trait (not the disorder per se), including vanity and selfishness been on the rise over the last several decades?  Listen to find out.

We mention: Jimmy Carter, Bono, Antonio Gramsci, historian Dr. Bob Kemp, social gospel, the University of Oxford, Ayn Rand, Émile Durkheim, Dr. Phil, Harold Garfinkel and fun experiments related social norms, micro sociology, why Lutherans cuss, how Norwegian Lutherans used to worry about female faculty going to the ice cream parlor, institutionalized solipsism, Dan's home technology and media usage, our allergic reaction to people who are different, intrinsic v. extrinsic rewards, the narcissism of millennials, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), being a woman and a professional, and snapchat.

Living WellDoug Klembara