Ep: 22b Rethinking Housing with Ian Lodge and the Cal-Earth Institute

We discuss the ethics, aesthetics, and humanitarian possibilities for those who have the vocation of architecture.  After some banter between our co-hosts, Jeff interviews Ian Lodge, who oversees theCal-Earth Institute operation, in Hesperia, California.   This is the result of the humanitarian vision of Nadir Khalili, a Persian architect who was influenced by the Sufi mystic Rumi and brought his spiritual values, scientific training, and concern for humanity together through teaching methods of creating sustainable, economical, and artful housing.  To the left is the "Rumi Dome"--one of the structures at the institute's site.  We were turned on to this institute by former UFC athlete and current head of Fight for the Forgotten, Justin Wren, who will be using what he's learning at the institute to help the Mbuti people create lasting, sustainable, and healthy homes.  On a previous visit to the Congo basin, Justin Wren was asked by the Mbuti "Pygmies" to bring back ways to improve their housing opportunities.  We think he found the best possible place to learn about culturally-appropriate housing innovation.  Incidentally, the club music you hear is something we found with Ian Lodge listed as the composer.  We link to it ("Don't Throw it Away") below.

Thinking WellDoug Klembara