Ep: 19B Irvine-- The Model City

We sit down with filmmaker Lev Anderson, who is working on a project that will explore the philosophy, ethics, and social implications of planned communities.  Lev previously worked on a documentary about the band Fishbone, called "Everyday Sunshine" with co-director Chris Metzler, who previously worked on a favorite theme of Virtue in the Wasteland: theSalton Sea.  After talking about the ways in which suburbia, bussing, and economics produced the creative force of Fishbone, we turn to a discussion about the history and future of the city of Irvine.  While this might sound like a very local Californian concern, we discover that Irvine's philosophy of planning is spreading around the world, from China to Costa Rica.  Lev is a very cool guy, and we think you will enjoy getting to know him and learning about his vocation as a documentarian.   Thanks to artist and curator David De Boer for connecting us.  You can stay informed about the progress of the film on their Facebook page .  By the way, Jeff mentions a film about the creator of the film "Boondock Saints" but couldn't remember the title: it is "Overnight" and you can click on the picture below to find out more about that film.