Ep: 19 State and Church

This is the second of two episodes on the topic of the distinction between the two kingdoms, and how we might connect this to constitutional matters.  Dan shares a series of Supreme Court conundrums related to the establishment clause and the free exercise of religion in America.  In this episode we try to get to brass tacks when it comes to religious freedom and the Supreme Court- it can be really tricky, but we explain briefly some of the important cases that help us to make sense of one of the most important clauses in our Constitution. If you've ever wondered why there is such a fuss over school prayer, the displaying of Nativity scenes, etc... give us a listen. 
[Irrelevant note: Jeff put a song ("One Way Train") from his high school band Sons of Asaph (Jeff, Scott Copeland, Chris Frohardt, Jim Schofield and Chad Saltikov) up at the end of the show, and might have taken it off but he's at a conference (as is Dan in another city) and didn't have time to re-edit. The idea was to show some bad thinking about the Christians in the world.  He wrote the song when he was steeped in the American protestant idea that we ought to let the world run its course, disengaged, while focused on the next life.]

The cartoon below is from Stephen Paulson, Luther for Armchair Theologians.  The joke plays with the fact that Protestants typically number the 10 Commandments differently from the Lutherans and Roman Catholics.

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