Ep: 17 Are Ghosts Real?

Ghosts, the paranormal, and Halloween.  The title of this show is more ambitious than we could reasonably tackle in one episode, and we dance around the subject as usual.  Nonetheless, we learn a few things, ask whether Halloween is a good thing for society, and play some songs you might hear on late night paranormal radio, just for kicks.  Jeff and Dan tell the closest thing to stories of direct ghostly encounters.  This is the last of our "scary" themed episodes in October.

The image that starts this post was taken by Jeff, and it is a condensation pattern that he saw under his drink when he was out on the town.  It illustrates the problem of interpreting patterns: is it a ghost, the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or just water?  How do our minds make sense of strange phenomena of all kinds?  Listen, and think about this question with us.

We mention: Knott's Scary FarmCrystal Head VodkaChislehurst Caves, Pre-Raphaelite artiststhe stone circle near Keswick, a Pittsburg area reproduction of Stonehenge,Modern Alternative Mama, Jeff's former student Scott Brabson's song "Bird" that mentions ghosts (you can get his other stuff here), and esoterica in general.  By the way, we mention a book by John Warwick Montgomery, Principalities and Powers; the only way to buy this easily right now is through our friends at New Reformation Press: here.  Jeff mentions a possible theory about why he and Auggie had a strange sensation of fear:sonic anxiety.  

Thinking WellDoug Klembara