Ep: 16 The Walking Dead and Other Zombies

Zombies and the season opener for The Walking Dead are the topic for this week.  We are joined again by classicist, and theologian C. J. Armstrong, Ph.D.  He's also a Faithful Masks Fellow.  We read off the top zombie films (not our creation) but then go deep into the ways in which the zombie theme is important for understanding postmodern times.  Jeff closes with ways in which the ideas of Jacques Ellul help make sense of technology, despair, and abandonment in our day.  Below the product links are story patterns Jeff mentions, according to Kurt Vonnegut.  The image to the left is from the graphic novel compendium to The Walking Dead, which we discuss and Jeff highly recommends so long as you have a high tolerance for disturbing content if it is coupled with redeeming ideas and interesting plot lines.