Ep: 45 Freaks and Geeks

We know we probably shouldn’t refer to people as freaks, perhaps we shouldn't label anyone as a freak, but in many respects our society is full of them. Freakishly tall, short, smart, or perhaps simply the term “freak” is a catch all for that which we find eccentric, or abnormal. The term, or its cognates, may be used as a way in which we define ourselves as what we are not, or perhaps to define ourselves as something other than what others may term “normal”. In a world of misfits, ne’er-do-wells, and criminals from white collared businessmen and heads of state to some on the lowest rungs on the socio-economic ladder how can we discuss virtue, citizenship and a proper understanding of diversity and tolerance?  Today we welcome back our good friend and sociologist Dr. Kristen Koenig whose work ranges from globalization to the study of the freak (or “other”) for a conversation about all things normal and abnormal.

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